Prince Valiant Vol. 12: 1959-1960

Prince Valiant Vol. 12: 1959-1960

Book Title: Prince Valiant Vol. 12: 1959-1960

Author: Hal Foster

Format: Hardback | 112 pages

Publication Date: 31 Dec 2015

ISBN-13: 9781606998762

Vol. 12 of Fantagraphics' award-winning series begins with Prince Valiant attempting to rescue Sir Gawain from prison. Most of the first half of this volume finds our two heroes fighting bullies, brigands and a despicable earl, but events soon turn very serious. Charged by King Arthur, Prince Valiant sets out on a quest to find the legendary Holy Grail. Should his mission fail the very foundation of the Fellowship of the Table Round is at stake. This volume concludes with the Misty Isles under attack, and leaves Queen Aleta perilously close to death.