Spain : A History

Spain : A History

Book Title: Spain : A History

Author: A. J. R. Russell-Wood

Format: Paperback | 328 pages

Publication Date: 27 Dec 2001

ISBN-13: 9780192802361

From Roman times to the present day, Spain has occupied a significant role in the evolution of our Western world. This book highlights the notable trends, intellectual and social, of each particular era in its history. The imposition of Roman rule created the notion of Hispania as a single entity. Chapters on the Visigoth monarchy, Moorish Spain, the establishment, an empire, the eighteenth-century Enlightenment, all chart the political and economic development of
Spain, but also emphasize the extraordinary and diverse artistic and literary achievements of the Spanish people within this one country at these different times. Moving on to the nineteenth century, we read of the rise of liberalism, and of its fall, which ushered in a period of disarray leading to
the Civil War and authoritarian rule. Today Spain is a fully integrated and enthusiastic member of the European community.